Accidents at Work

Work Injury compensationIf you have suffered a personal injury due to an accident at your place of work, then you could be entitled to make a work injury compensation claim.  All employers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are kept safe from harm as they go about their daily activities.

Unfortunately, even though Health and Safety Regulations have been improved over the years, accidents in the workplace are still a regular occurrence.  In fact, almost 50% of all accidents happen to people while they are at work.

Help with your claim

Many people who have been injured in a work accident are often reluctant to make a compensation claim, especially when they have a good working relationship with their employer.  The major fear is that they will be costing the company they work for financial hardship, which could result in repercussions later, such as being thought less of by the boss or even losing their job because of it.

More often than not these fears are unjustified as all employers in the United Kingdom are required to hold Employer’s Liability Insurance.  This insurance policy covers any costs involved should an employee be injured in an accident in which the employer could be held liable.

It is also an offence for any company to discriminate against an employee for any reason whatsoever, especially in a legitimate claim for injuries sustained at work.

If you have been injured in the workplace, it is your basic right to be compensated for your injuries.  Should you have any further questions you would like answered, please call one of our friendly, experienced claims advisors who will be happy to help in any way they can.

How to make a work injury compensation claim

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