Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury CompensationThanks to advances in medical technology and procedures, childbirth is now a lot safer than in years gone by.  However, it would be impossible to eradicate all of the potential problems involved.  Unfortunately errors in judgement and medical negligence can and do still occur.

It can be a very traumatic and emotional time for parents if their child suffers an injury during the birthing process.  Many birth injuries can have a life long impact, especially if the new born is starved of oxygen, as this can lead to severe brain damage.

Child birth can be a painful and difficult time for mothers.  This can be exacerbated if medical staffs, including midwives and doctors, are negligent or do not prescribe adequate or appropriate treatment.

What sort of injuries could occur?

Mercifully, the vast majority of pregnancies result in the arrival of a healthy child.  However, there are recognised injuries that occasionally occur either to mother or baby during pregnancy or during labour; these can include conditions such as:

Cerebral Palsy
Usually develops before, during or after birth as a result of a baby’s brain being starved of oxygen. The condition varies widely from child to child but symptoms can range from difficulty in walking to profound disabilities which require life-long care.

Almost 2,000 babies a year are born with cerebral palsy in the United Kingdom alone, which equates to roughly one in every 400 births.

Brachial plexus injury
Also referred to as Erb’s Palsy, is usually caused when a baby’s shoulder is stuck against the mothers pubic bone during birth, a situation known as shoulder dystocia.  The condition can also be caused by excessive pulling on the shoulders during a difficult birth.  This can result in a medical emergency which must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to avoid the baby’s brain being starved of oxygen.

However, this can often lead to excessive force being applied to the baby’s neck which can lead to damage to the brachial nerves, resulting in loss of feeling or at the worst a total paralysis of the arm.

How to Make a Birth Injury Compensation Claim

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