Dental Negligence Claims

Dental Negligence claimsA visit to the dentist is never a pleasant experience even when the treatment goes according to plan.  If things do go wrong, however the results can be catastrophic.

Substandard dental work can leave the patient in great pain and in certain circumstances could cause a serious disfigurement.

Dentists, like most other health care professionals have a ‘duty of care’ to their patients.  They ensure you receive the correct treatment in the proper manner.  In the vast majority of dental procedures, this is the case.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, things can go wrong.  If you feel you have been the victim of substandard dental work, which caused you unnecessary trauma or expense, simply call Bollin Legal Associates on 0800 988 2478 and speak to a friendly claims advisor.  They will discuss your claim with you and give advice on the best way to proceed.

Examples of Dental Negligence

We have experienced a wide variety of complications with the most common listed below.

  • Lack of due care and attention – patients can be injured or perfectly healthy teeth are removed in error, when a dentist loses concentration, either through tiredness or overwork.
  • Misdiagnosis – many medical conditions can be identified and diagnosed during a regular dental check-up.  If you feel a dentist has caused unnecessary suffering by not spotting symptoms early enough, you could be entitled to make a claim.
  • Medication mistakes – dentists may administer various drugs and anaesthetics to patients and occasionally mistakes occur that have a detrimental affect to the patient.
  • Poor Hygiene – dental equipment and treatment must be carried out in a safe, clean and sterile environment.

If there is a breakdown in cleanliness procedures, serious complications can result.

Making a Dental Negligence Compensation Claim

Call us now at Bollin LegalAt Bollin Legal Associates, we have assisted many innocent victims of dental negligence and have helped them secure the compensation they deserve.

With a excellent success rate in all compensation types Bollin Legal Associates have the experience and expertise to help your claim succeed.  If you believe you have suffered unnecessarily while in the dentist’s surgery call us today on 0800 988 2478 or 01625 506 588 from your mobile.

You are entitled to make a claim for compensation up to three years after the incident.