Dog Bite Compensation

dog bite injury compensationBeing attacked by a vicious dog can be a frightening and traumatic experience and could result in very nasty injuries and possible hospital treatment, especially if the victim is a child.

At Bollin Legal Associates, we can help you get the dog bite injury compensation you deserve, if you or a member of your family has been attacked and injured by a dog.

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About Dog Attacks

Dog attacks usually receive a lot of publicity in the popular media, especially when a young child is involved.  They account for almost 4,000 injuries in the UK every year.

Because of the high number of dog attacks the Government was forced to implement legislation regarding the ownership of dogs thought to be dangerous, they did this by introducing the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.

The Dangerous Dogs Act requires owners of certain breeds to register their pets and follow strict guidelines in keeping them. Failure to do so can result in prosecution. These breeds include:-

  • Pit Bull Terriers
  • Japanese Tosas
  • Dogo Agentinos
  • Fila Brazillieros

These dogs have to be muzzled and kept on a lead in public, they must be registered and insured, neutered, tattooed and receive microchip implants. The Act also bans the breeding, sale and exchange of these dogs, even if they are on the Index of Exempted Dogs.

Ownership of any of these breeds if not on the index of exempted dogs, is an offence in the United Kingdom and carries a maximum sentence of £5,000 and/or six months in jail.

Making a Dog Bite Compensation Claim

Call us now at Bollin LegalNot only banned dogs such as Pit Bull Terriers can cause serious injury, all dogs have the capability of inflicting damaging wounds if they bite you.

If you have been attacked by a dog that was out of control you may be entitled to make a dog bite injury claim.

Listed below are steps to take if you have been involved in a dog attack:

  • Identify the dog owners name and address if possible.
  • Take the name and address of any witnesses.
  • Report the incident to the police – you may not be the first victim, even if you are, you may be helping other possible victims.
  • Have your injuries inspected by a medical professional immediately, photograph them too.

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