Falls from Height and making a Compensation Claim

One of the most common causes of workplace injuries in the UK is a fall from height.  The injuries sustained could be wide ranging and can include fractures, broken bones, concussion, brain injuries, paralysis, and ultimately death.

Falls from height in construction

Fall from height compensation claims

Falling from height is most common in the construction industry.  The very nature of building work is hazardous with ladder accidents being the most frequent.

If you have been injured falling from a height and it was not your fault, you are fully within your rights to claim compensation.  Bollin Legal Associates is here to help and can offer a wealth of information and advice.

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Types of fall from Height Accidents

Serious personal injury can result from a fall from any height, but the following environments are particularly dangerous and adequate height risk assessment procedures should be considered and extreme caution should be exercised when working from:

  • Ladders – Falls from ladders are a common occurrence but the majority can easily be avoided by ensuring that ladders are properly maintained, of the correct type and securely anchored when in use.
  • Scaffolding – Is generally considered a safer option than ladders but companies must ensure that scaffolding is properly erected, regularly inspected and maintained to within health and safety guidelines.
  • Roofs – Working on the roof of any building can be extremely hazardous, many older roofs can be fragile and skylights can present unexpected dangers.

While the above scenarios are obviously classed as work at height, many employees are injured by relatively simple activities such as changing a light bulb in the office or climbing up to reach something from a shelf.

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It is essential that employers carry out extensive risk assessment to highlight any potential danger. A fall from height can cause life changing injuries such as brain damage and paralysis and in extreme incidents, even death.

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