Forklift truck accident compensation.

Forklift Truck Accident Compensation ClaimsForklift trucks are used for lifting heavy crates, palettes and other objects that are too dangerous or heavy to be lifted by human strength alone.  However, there are risks in using them and therefore employees need to be appropriately trained in the safe operation of these useful pieces of machinery.

If you have been a victim of a carelessly driven forklift or have suffered personal injury whilst driving one, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your forklift truck accident.

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Forklift Truck Accidents

Forklift trucks are commonplace in factories, warehouses and other workplaces as they are more or less essential for transporting goods from one location to the other.  However, they do represent a grave risk to employees and members of the public if the proper Health and Safety guidelines are not strictly observed.

At least eight people a year die from injuries caused by incidents involving forklift trucks.  Many of these are caused by a lack of concentration by the driver or a lack of awareness by people in the vicinity.

Other causes of forklift truck accidents can include:

  • Overbalancing – under certain conditions forklift trucks can be prone to toppling over usually on uneven surfaces or when doing intricate manoeuvres with a full load in the raised position.
  • Collisions – Forklift trucks are heavy cumbersome pieces of machinery but are still capable of travelling at deceptively high speed. The driver and any other people in the vicinity should take great care, whether on foot or driving other vehicles.
  • Falling Loads – Badly stacked palettes or poor operating skills may lead to forklifts losing their load.   Heavy objects dropping from height pose a very real threat to safety.

How to claim following a forklift truck accident

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