Product Liability Compensation Claims

Product liability compensationIf you have been injured by something you have purchased, you could be entitled to claim product liability compensation from the products manufacturer.  This could include receiving an electric shock from a faulty appliance or being injured by substandard or counterfeit items.

At Bollin Legal Associates, we are experts in product liability claims.  If a product manufacturer is found to have been negligent, our experienced team can help you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

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How to claim for product liability compensation

Every product purchased in the United Kingdom has to be “Fit for Purpose”.  If you have suffered any form of personal injury from a product you have bought you could be entitled to make a claim under ‘The Consumer Protection Act 1987’.

This states that it is not necessary to prove that a manufacturer was negligent or at fault, but only to prove that harm has been caused.  No matter whether the product was purchased by the victim or another person.

Bollin Legal Associates has many years of experience dealing with Product Liability Claims and will work tirelessly to get you the highest amount of compensation.

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Types of product liability compensation cases and making a claim

Product liability takes many forms and applies to everything that is manufactured, such as drugs and pharmaceuticals, furniture, cars and regular household items such as the humble toaster.  It also includes bio-medical devices such as pacemakers and breast implants.

Call us now at Bollin LegalProduct liability compensation can be claimed when any product causes personal injury or loss, for example:

  • Being cut by a product’s sharp edges.
  • Burns and shocks caused by faulty wiring in electronic products.
  • Accidents caused by faulty vehicle parts, such as brake failure.
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics when there is inadequate documentation.

There are of course many other examples that could be classed as product claims.  If you feel you have suffered unnecessarily because of a faulty product please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0800 988 2478 or 01625 506 588 from your mobile.

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