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Vibration from air jack hammerIf you are suffering from Vibration White Finger, Dead Finger or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, then Bollin Legal Associates could help you get the compensation to which you may be entitled.  Employers have a legal obligation to protect employees from any form of industrial disease including Vibration White Finger.  If you believe your employer was in any way negligent in their duties you could make a claim for compensation.

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Vibration White Finger (VWF) can be a debilitating illness, capable of having a devastating impact on the sufferers work and private life.  Many victims of this industrial disease find themselves in a position where they are no longer capable of working and as a result can suffer major financial complications.
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More information about Vibration White Finger and HAVS

Excessive exposure to hand arm vibrations can result in various patterns of diseases casually known as HAVS or VWF.  This can affect nerves, joints, muscles, blood vessels or connective tissues of the hand and forearm:

  • Tingling ‘whiteness’ or numbness in the fingers (blood vessels and nerves affected): This may not be noticeable at the end of a working day, and in mild cases may affect only the tips of the fingers.  As the condition becomes more severe, the whole finger down to the knuckles may become white. Feeling may also be lost.
  • Fingers change colour (blood vessels affected): With continued exposure the person may suffer periodic attacks in which the fingers change colour when exposed to the cold. Initially the fingers rapidly become pale and feeling is lost. This phase is followed by an intense red flush (sometimes preceded by a dusky bluish phase) signaling the return of blood circulation to the fingers and is usually accompanied by uncomfortable throbbing.
  • Loss of manual dexterity (nerves and muscles affected): In more severe forms, attacks may occur frequently in cold weather, not only at work, but during leisure activities, such as gardening, car washing or even watching outdoor sports and may last up to an hour causing considerable pain and loss of manual dexterity and reduced grip strength.

Once the damage has been caused the effects are usually irreversible, because of the severity of this condition it is imperative that both employers and employees diligently follow all safety guidelines.

Guidelines for VWF were put in place in 2005 but according to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 3,000 new cases of Vibration White Finger are diagnosed every year.

Protecting against VWF and HAVS is a simple procedure for employers and involves some of the following points;

  • Provide adequate training.
  • Ensure proper maintenance schedules are in place to keep tools sharp and efficient.
  • Provide employees with adequate protection.
  • Ensure workers take regular breaks
  • Ensure employees know how to keep proper circulation flowing in their hands and fingers by using proper exercise techniques.

Symptoms of VWF and HAVS

If you feel you are suffering from Vibration White Finger or Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome it is imperative that you stop using any power tools immediately.

Sufferers of VWF and HAVS can experience whitening and tingling of the fingers caused by damage to blood vessels and nerve endings.  Early symptoms can just affect the finger tips but eventually the full finger could become white and all feeling is lost.

Strength of grip can be greatly reduced and considerable pain felt especially in cold weather due to damaged hand muscles.

If you are experiencing any pain, tingling or whitening of the fingers it is advisable to get proper medical advice.  If you are diagnosed with VWF or HAVS, work or have worked with hand held machinery, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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